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New Show Starting Monday 23 Rd


Hi Everyone ! If you have been a fan, even once or twice of my Meta Mondays Show on the CtrNetwork , and you’re wondering where I went – I went to the !!! Same time , 11 am EST,  same day , Mondays, same show, same format! Get... (more...)

Monday’s Show November 16 th 8 am pst 11 am est

I wanted to write and let everyone know that the last two weeks I have been doing the Sunday Free readings via Phone. While that isn’t my usual practice, I had two very unusual readings that could only have been done that way. One of them would... (more...)

Sunday Reading 10/19

Name La Email Address Questions/Testimonials will I be in my new home by the winter? Hi, La, I asked if you would be in a new home, and have the money by the end of Nov, and my answer was yes. Let me clarify, I am not sure the money is the money regarding... (more...)

Sunday Free Reading Oct 11, 2015

I’m still stuck with a job that pays the bills. It’s awful to be in this place. I’ve spent a good number of years trying to figure out how to move forward. I’ve done everything I can, but I feel like I’m just going in circles.... (more...)

Free Reading September 27th Sunday

I have this, mind to mind communication thing going on. I’m told its not telepathy. All signs show that it is real, what do you think. PC Hi Pat, First, I want to say that what you have is very real. I do believe it is definable. You are a natural... (more...)

Free Reading September 3rd

I dedicate this free reading to bethy, who was born Sept 14th 1962. Forever yours. Kevi. hiya please can you tell me if you feel my deceased bf Craig is still around me? love & light Beth Beth, I hadn’t even started to do this and I started... (more...)

Free Reading Sept. 1 st

I have been with my now fiance for three years now, lately I have been feeling like I’m missing something, like there’s a secret he’s hiding from me. Am I just over thinking or should I be worried? Our dates of birth ( edited)Thank you... (more...)

July 5 th Sunday Free Reading

Dear Adena , I have been involved back and forth with someone who’s name is G. He is quite a bit younger than I am , and I think he is someone who may not be sincere. What i mean , is that I believe he is also involved with several other women... (more...)

Sunday Free Reading May 3 rd

I’m switching to another field of expertise (banking and securities) ​​and currently in active pursuit of opportunities along this line. I’m not sure if it will be a perfect fit, although I do feel it’s something I’d enjoy.... (more...)

Sunday April 19th

I didn’t realize It’s been so long since I’ve posted!!! Forgive me! I have been reading some of your emails to me on the air on my Monday show on the at 8 am PST , 11 AM EST . My show is Ask Adena , and I talk about everything... (more...)

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