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Since 2001  Adena Bannick has been a leading independent psychic medium. She  gained a loyal and long standing following with her truthful , accurate and compassionate readings.

Adena's readings are always about uncovering the choices we have  in all the situations and experiences we see subjectively.

"There is a Universal Law working in everything we do. It works exactly the way gravity or photosynthesis does.   Adena is the Host of Meta Mondays, Voted the Best of Spirituality,  Podcast for 2107/17 . Her show is currently on Hiatus and will return to BBS radio on Mondays .  

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Heart of the matter Adena Bannick. Askadena , Psychic Medium, Certified Angel Practitioner, Reiki

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 April, 2020

We are all one. This may not have been the way to experience it, but it may have been the only way we could get our world to unite.

I have believed since I was a young adult, that there would be this " moment" where everyone would experience oneness.   This may be the wakeup and preparation for that.

 For the last 3 years I have been talking about the changes our bodies are going through. I believe we are heralding a new age and consciousness. None of what I say means people have to die, nor does it mean I believe I believe in sacrificing the few for the good of the whole.  I believe that we are being forced to undergo change however it comes, in order to begin to process thoughts, feelings,  foods, etc... on higher vibrations. 

 We will lead each other. I believe the world between our loved ones who have passed on and us is meant to become known, so that we can live with the knowledge that we do not die and so that we can live more fully knowing certain reasons why things are the way they are.   

We are not alone. We never were.

Be safe. Take care of yourself, but please don't panic. We will make it through this. adena

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