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adena_exteriorThank you for being here. My name is Karen Adena and I have spent the majority of my life working on the abilities I was born with in order for me to fulfill my purpose this lifetime. That isn’t just a rote sentence, that is the literal truth.

When I was a very young child I naturally heard and spoke to Angels and spirit guides. I sang to them and they spoke to me .  They managed to communicate or get across the point that this life, although hard, was what I had signed up for . I somehow knew it wouldn’t be easy, but they told me I was strong, and that this time I was ready, and my life was to be one of service.

I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Ever. I love what I do, and I love and Respect my clients.

I have crossed over to the other side. I know what awaits, I am also a medium.  Being human is only for the courageous.  No matter how you think you’re doing, just being alive means you came here with a mission to complete.  But we all have those times of doubt, pain, indecision, when friends, family , even therapy can’t help. This is where I may be of service to you.

I am a psychic medium and an angel practitioner ®. I am also a Reiki Master. My gifts are innate and I have enhanced them by taking workshops with James Van Praagh and Charles Virtue.
I hear, see, feel and know instinctively what is going on with you and in and around your situation. I explain things from a non judgmental overall karmic viewpoint. It’s your blueprint that I follow . I’m just here to remind you of it, and to gently nudge you back on track.

I don’t believe in a static stone cold destiny. I do believe some things are just meant to be. I believe we have free will. We can change our mind at any time. Sometimes, flag posts show up at certain points along the way. We find ourselves at a major cross road and just like you would go to any professional, who studied or has talent in an area, this is my area, and where I can help.

With any situation in your life , career, love, family, and business, I have been reading for 18 years on a day to day professional basis with integrity, honesty and compassion. I would be honored to read for you.

Adena is in the southeastern part of PA (Mainline, PA) and is available for classes, readings, and events. Please use the contact form or write her at or .

I host a Radio Show , On the CTRNetwork.com at 8 am PST and 11 am EST. It’s Called AskAdena and if you can’t join us live, it will be re-run at 8 and 11 PM, and you can download my podcast. (click here to read more).

We will be talking about Angel communication, medium ship, We will have guests. I will be discussing all areas of metaphysics. I will also take questions, and do free readings each week. So welcome and call in at 877-230-3062! Call Adena at 484-380-2359. Stop by my Face Book Fan Page Ask Adena the Main Line Medium. https://www.facebook.com/adenahome?, and I will offer you a discount on any reading you choose. My fan page always has inspiring quotes, show information, and discount readings. Thank you for visiting.



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