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My Name is Adena and I have been aware of my abilities since childhood.  I spent the first decades of my life experiencing what would later be called “near death experiences”. At the time I had them, there was no such term.  There was very little material explaining both the gifts, and the phenomenon that kept occurring in my life, but for many years, I had being’s who I felt were angels explain to me that I had asked to have this so that I may help other people in this life. They also explained my life would be difficult, but that too would be part of what I wanted.

I am Gifted with all four Clair’s. Simply put: I can see, hear, feel and know exactly what is going on with you, other people and a situation. Just like we go to any professional at times of need, there are times when we are at a crossroads and may need a professional to give us a “bird’s eye view”  on what is occurring around us, regarding our relationships with others, our careers,  soul paths and wellness.

I am A Reiki Master and during remote sessions, I will be able to pinpoint areas of unease and help to release the causes that may have contributed to their manifestation. Often the information I will receive is intuitive  but will also offer preventive advice.

I am A Certified Advanced Angel Practitioner ® as well as  Certified Medium. You can read more about what I do on the pages that correspond.

I am a Radio Host on the BBSRadio Network http://bbsradio.com/growingupindigo. Every other Thursday 9 am PT where I talk about all subjects on the Metaphysical A-Z. We have highly knowledgeable guests, and I do free readings on air.

I will be adding another show for businesses wishing to become more visible on social media and the vast Market of Internet Radio.


For Free Consultations and Correspondence write me at

484-380-2359 – Leave a message and I will return your call!


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