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adenaThank you for viewing my web site. My name is Adena and I have spent the majority of my life working on the abilities I was born with in order for me to fulfill my purpose this lifetime.

When I was a very young child I naturally heard and spoke to Angels and spirit guides. I sang to them and they spoke to me . They told me in ways I could understand, that this lifetime, I would be here to help and heal others. I have had two Near Death Experiences, and I did in my early twenties, cross over, which further confirmed and solidified my purpose.

I am a Host on the CTR Network.com . My show is Ask Adena, Meta Monday’s. I discuss all things metaphysical, do free readings, and have wonderful guests from every area involved in the field.

I am a psychic medium and an angel practitioner ®. I utilize all four Clair’s ( seeing, knowing, hearing and feeling ) . I will often have messages from your loved ones come through in a psychic reading , if they need to get a message to you. One of my strong points in medium ship is my ability to know how and why someone passed over.

My readings are devoted to any area in your life you need clarity and understanding in. I can see, feel, ear, and know , what is going on with you, and everyone around you, giving you the larger picture, which allows you to make the best choice possible. I am able to read not only the current energy of all involved, but the future actions , based on not only what people are feeling now, but the complete karma involved in the entire situation.

I am a Reiki Master, and will receive detailed information regarding your general and specific health concerns. Often, I hear diagnoses as well specific things you need to do to assist in your healing. I will attune and clear your chakra’s in all Reiki healings. I am able to read and do reiki on animals as well.

I believe it is my responsibility to keep growing and learning as a person, and to keep honing my abilities for my client’s. To that extent, I have trained under Charles Virtue, Tina Marie Bertoli, and James Van Praagh.

Adena is in the southeastern part of PA (Mainline, PA) and is available for classes, readings, and events. Please use the contact form or write her at or .

Adena is the Host of Ask Adena ~ Meta Monday’s , On the CTRNetwork.com at 8 am PST and 11 am EST. She does free readings live every week ! Call in at 877-230-3062. It’s all about metaphysical topics from angels to Zen, featuring prominent guests in the field. Join her Live, or download her pod cast. Have it delivered weekly ! Adena’s pod cast is in the top ten on the CTR network’s I tunes list. (click here to read more).

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