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Thank you for stopping by my site. I am K.Adena Bannick and I have been a sensitive intuitive who saw and spoke to angels from a time before I spoke in full words. At age 10, each night my angels left and in their place were disembodied faces all calling my name with different emotions. I was so terrified by this, that I hid under the covers and begged my angels to get rid of them and never allow them to come back. I blacked out that memory.
While I knew of course that I had strong abilities, no one grows up thinking that they will be a professional psychic. Maybe in today’s world, they do, but not in my decades :). So, when it happened, the way it happened, I knew it was what I was born to do.

I have been graced for 18 years to have been able to assist many people from all walks of life, all over the globe in all situations. While my gifts were natural, I also sought out workshops with people who were inspirations to me.
I am an Advanced Certified Angel Practitioner®️ and a Certified Medium®️
James Van Praagh was giving a week long Medium ship workshop that I attended as well. .I am also a Reiki Master. I have the ability to not only attune your Chakra’s, I can also go into your body field and pin point exactly what hurts or needs work. I will tell you the exact reason ( the emotional situation ) it first started from, and clear it for you.

I have a show called Meta Mondays on the BBSradio.com that I love doing. I know very little about broadcasting, I just started doing it because I wished I had had someone talk to me when I needed help. We talk about metaphysics from Angels to Zen, I give Live Free Readings~ you can call in here @888-627-6008. I answer email questions on air. I do NOT divulge your names your dates of birth or any personal Identification. I will use an initial and leave out birthdates. However, I need names because I need to have a focal point to connect to. Send me an email with one question to *protected email* and listen in every 3rd Mondays. I also do them impromptu so, you never know.
Look back here for upcoming quests on the show.  http://bbsradio.com/metamondays           
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On weeks when I cannot do free readings on air, check here where it says Ask Adena on top. I will post free readings. I will also blog.
Please check my Facebook Pages for relevant information as well. Thank you to all of you who have allowed me in your lives for so long, and to those who are just meeting me. I feel honored to be able to help you in any way.

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484-380-2359 – Leave a message and I will return your call!


Love, Love, Love <3 Adena


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