Certified Angel Readings

Two Guardian AngelsBeauty and truth are synonymous. Readings don’t have to be painful to be honest. Working with the angels is like being bathed in light; you see everything clearly, without straining.

Angel readings aren’t about angels: they’re about you.

It’s a human trait to think we’re bothering them. We are not. We go through our lives too alone, even when surrounded by those we love and who love us.

Helping other people is what has always motivated me to utilize my gifts. I spoke to angels when I was a child. It was natural to me. Other people made me feel silly about my fascination with angels,  and as I grew up I was taught to forget them.   Underneath, I never did. I know they were there for me over and over again.

Many years ago I came across someone on line who was an Angel Therapist® .  I thought that was the most amazing thing i had ever heard and wondered how she became one. Several years later I discovered Doreen Virtue PhD. and of course , all of her Angel books and courses and knew that she taught people how to contact and speak to angels.

It was by a series of symmetries that I saw that her son , Charles Virtue , who had by that time been certifying his own class for a long time, was going to be on the East Coast and I took both my practitioner’s program and the advanced course with him.

In an angel reading , we will gently receive guidance on all areas of your life. There is nothing we cannot discuss , there is nothing they do not already know. There is no judgement . There is no harshness.  It is simply about choice. They always seem to illuminate the best possible road for you to take. In a reading , I will be able to tell you which Archangels are working with you at the present time and why. I will be able to tell you who your guardian angel is as well.

People think of Angels or Angel Readings as Sugar coated airy ethereal readings. There is nothing too sweet about angel readings. They are right on target, accurate, detailed, and can pinpoint all areas in your life. They’re just looking at it from a higher more compassionate vantage point.


Phone Readings

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  • 20:00 minutes: $54.00
  • 30:00 minutes: $74.00
  • 45:00 minutes: $94.00
  • 1 hour: $144.00

Email readings

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  • One question: $40.00
  • One-to-three questions: $74.00
  • One page: $124.00
  • Two pages: $224.00

*As an advanced angel practitioner ® Adena is qualified , trained, and permitted to teach and certify this course. If you are interested in taking the Angel course, please use the contact form or write her at or .

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