300 Comments permanently deleted

Hey, I’m back again. I loved doing the Free reading in phone calls. I’m going to ask for your opinion , given this is your forum for free reading’s. What would you rather do. Come here and read an answer or have a free call? For 13 years I’ve been doing them on site so it seems like im going against a promise i made to someone. I had a client named Judy who i truly loved. She would always tell me i could never ever stop doing the free readings. Several years ago she died from Cancer. I always loved her, but I think the fact that she wrote me every single day while I had cancer years ago , even if it was just a sentence or two to touch base, just pushed it over the edge . She was diagnosed sometime in April, but it was too Late, by June she was gone. So i will never stop doing the readings, id just like to change it up a bit. To keep the same structure you could still send in one question, or now one area of focus, have your name and include your phone number and whether or not you would be free for a call on that Sunday or not and the times available. Id come here and announce who it was . Lets see if that works.
Oh, the header….. someone spammed me 300 times lol… imagine having to delete that !!! love Adena


2 Responses to “ 300 Comments permanently deleted ”

  1. tara says:

    I love the phone calls,its so nice to talk to you ,

    • Adena says:

      I think that’s why i’m going to do them Tara, i love them too. sending YOU tons of love and peace.

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