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Hi Everyone, I usually Take off in August. This year I didn’t. I think I will take off the next few weeks and return in the middle of September. Before I go, I want to address the questions that are coming in. I am having a difficult time finding readings to answer. I think people forget psychic’s don’t know everything. If you are asking about another person, please include their name. Please include yours as well. I am getting questions Like “is he the one”? with just the email address, no names. I can’t answer long involved questions, or when you ask about several areas of your life. This is a one question email reading. If you are asking about a person who has passed, I need a name. There is no way around that, unless we are on the phone . When I am on the phone, someone will come through and tell me who they are. In an email, I can’t answer ” who is around me” . Other people are reading these too. A large part of why I do this, is to help more than just the person I am answering. I am hoping someone else can relate to something i say in the reading. The questions that are coming in are really meant to be private readings. If you are worried about privacy, I will edit all information before posting. I will use first initials only. You will know your question by the wording and initials. I hope we can continue to do the free readings forever. Enjoy the rest of the summer and have a great Labor day. Ill see you later in September. I’m available for private readings during this time as usual. Love Adena


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