Come Give with Me

Hi Everyone. I’m working on Wed and Thursday’s Free Reading. I have Friday’s Email reading Set up. Its a medium ship email reading. I’ll be back here to give a shout out to sat and sun’s free reading friends but until then, i wanted to have something here for you to read.

A lot of people ask how they can jump start their own business. Granted many of them are speaking about a metaphysical/life coaching career, but many of my client’s were talking about vastly different career’s, and how to start them , and if they would work financially.

When i first started out as a professional reader, I started with an on line company called Astronet. I will forever be proud and grateful for them. They were highly ethical. You had to be a genuine astrologer, tarot reader, or psychic , and read for three separate people before you could work with them. They only had about 50 readers and were very exclusive. The lesson i took from them has served me in everything i do. Give back. Give back, Give with love. We all had to take four hours a week and work for free on AOL in the Astronet Free reading room. No excuses. Every week. I literally trained myself to give free readings as I received payment for readings. To this day, it is why i have free readings. I couldn’t have a business and feel right or balanced without giving free readings. I give free time with private clients, and i give discounts to my private clients. I don’t send out flyers, i think they’re tacky. I just tell my clients that their reading was just discounted. It is part of me and it tells the universe that you are grateful for what you receive. GRATITUDE is how you start, change, transform a business. Are you a struggling psychic, life coach, reiki master? start giving your work away. What you’re doing is telling the universe that this is indeed WHAT you are. the money doesn’t make you the thing. You make you the thing you are. You will start offering your services, with love, not resentment, because you love it, and want to do it, and sooner or later, someone will pay you, tip you, ask you what you charge, this is how it starts, the next thing you know, you have started a business. Are you stuck in a dead end job that you hate? I can make it better right now . Start stapling the paper with love. Start thinking that everything you are doing you are doing as a gift for someone in that office. Actually that’s true. you are. Start falling in love with the same things you see every day just because their there. Start by realizing it’s a gift that you created for yourself and try to see why this job was perfect for you at the time it was. Notice someone who looks depressed or down, get up and say something nice to them. Do that every day. Start to do ONE extra thing a day that isn’t part of your job. Do it as a gift. Your gift to the world. It’s gratitude. Watch what it brings you. But….. you have to do it genuinely. You can’t do it with great expectations. That’s the key. It’s the wonder, the childlike awe of giving that makes it so beautiful.
I don’t think there is a profession or a job that can’t be started, improved, by giving, gratitude, or acting as if….. being what you are, before you are getting paid. Are you a teacher? with no classroom? Call a group of people, parents of children, and do a seminar, small fee or no fee. BE who you are! I know you’re going to say, easier said than done. But then i can say, I did it. This is already long, but before i got on the Astronet site i had no idea how to be a psychic , especially an on line psychic, or a business psychic etc…. i just did what i “do” , hoping i think at that time i would make enough for groceries and diapers. Give something of yourself away , try to everyday. It comes back, but that’s not why i ask that you do this. Our biggest question is “why are we here” the answer is simple. In our own way, we are here to help “us” however each one of us can with our own special talents . Whether we get legal tender for it or not. We are here to give. love you, adena


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