Easter Sunday Free Reading April 20th

Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Passover, and you are enjoying today’s beautiful weather. If you are celebrating Easter, I wish you a wondrous day.
Just a reminder that if you are asking about another person, please include their name.
While i am psychic, and can probably get around it, it does make it easier for me to contact them out of the gazillion people in the world. Here is this week’s reading. They did include the name of the person! I edited it out of privacy.

“Will E believe me when I say I am waiting for his call since I missed his call twice? ”

I believe he knows in equal parts that it was just bad luck and bad timing, and the other part of it is a little bit of sadness and regret because i think he has felt up till now there was no way to reach you and time is precious. He certainly had no way of contacting you until now, and even though from now on he will be able to, there is still a sense of lost time. One thing he does have is faith in you and how you feel. He realizes that as long as he has his health, and a means of working, or of being independent, he will be able to contact you. There are times his disappointment kicks in, disappointment over how many things have turned out , but essentially I don’t think he feels you are missing his call on purpose. You certainly waited long enough for him to call, don’t you think he knows in his heart you wouldn’t abandon him now?
Love Adena xo


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