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My Mother passed Very suddenly . My Father passed nine months before but he was very sick. I am an only child I am left all alone. I have been grieving for my Mother terribly. I don’t know which way to turn. The loneliness is killing me.

Hi, I usually do a one question reading, but your question just broke through to me. I wanted to see if anyone came to me. Please be open to what we receive. I usually work by having a name and then contacting the person directly. I decided to just ask who was around you. I received two names. The first one I believe is Ruth. If it isn’t Ruth, I believe its an R name. The second one is a bit more difficult to be sure of. Its an H name. Kind of like Hargrove, and he comes first. He is a smaller sweet faced man with glasses. He loves you and has a gentle smile and says your name gently and with love. He says he is getting his energy back. He is in a hospital gown with IV’s and being fed something like apple sauce, but its strange because he is in no pain, and he’s not sick. Its like this is how he has chosen to recover for now. He’s smiling at me to show you he’s fine now. He has an H name, like Herman , Heathgrove? Again, I cant get his name. He flashed me a picture of the middle of a city. It was very cultural. Music, the Arts. He was a patron of the Arts, not a performer. He said he could “cut a rug” in his younger years, and was light on his feet. A woman is also around. She is larger, stronger, I see reddish hair. A square jaw, I want to call her Ruth or an R name. She is bright and more colorful and she cooked well. She never thought she would go. I’m getting the sense she was Dutch/Austrian somewhere in her lineage. I get the strong feeling she wasn’t someone who stayed stuck in the past, and I don’t think she wants you doing that. I also sense great emotional strength from her, and if that’s true, she’s saying she still has that, and still has that to give you. It isn’t as if they want us to keep them here, but when we are lonely , or miss them, all we need to do, is send them a thought, and their love will come over us. D, I hope I was accurate and that you recognize the two people i met. Write me at *protected email* to let me know. Even if I am a bit off in names or descriptions, I feel great love and strength being sent to you. Love Adena <3


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