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I have been with my now fiance for three years now, lately I have been feeling like I’m missing something, like there’s a secret he’s hiding from me. Am I just over thinking or should I be worried? Our dates of birth ( edited)Thank you for your help.

What I see with him is something I see with a lot of young men, just starting out in the world. He likes a single lifestyle, and he isn’t feeling secure financially at this point. He’s super intelligent, curious by nature, more objective and cerebral than emotional. He’s also fiery though, and loves attention, social activity, he wants to be the conquering hero too. He has a mature sense of patience and strength, as well as a strong sense of right and wrong, and a code he adheres by. He doesn’t like fighting or disagreeing, and avoids that kind of conflict with you. I do think like most young men, he is wary of commitment. I also think its not that unusual that after a period of several years you start to wonder if this is really “it” for you.
I feel like he wants to go out and make his mark on the world, and is just starting to ask himself, if this is really what he wants now, at this time. I am still not sure at this point if there is actually someone in particular he is interested in, because I looked at him several times and didn’t see that as a motivation. I saw not wanting to get married, and I saw some passion having gone out of the relationship, but toward one of the last views, I did see something about a romantic relationship that did appear to be deceptive. I do want to say, that could simply mean, he knows he isn’t being completely honest with you. I do believe he wants to re-evaluate where this is going. He wants to take this back a notch. I got the feeling that more than anything, he would want to remain in your life , if you could agree to different terms regarding the relationship . He wants to stop talk about marriage, and wants more freedom and spontaneity in his life and the relationship. All of this has to be addressed of course, so, you are right. There is something troubling him and he is holding back. I still see him as someone who remains committed in his heart, but who just wants to renegotiate . Love Adena


Your name began with an A and you wrote a very long sweet letter regarding a first love. I can’t find your email. If you still have it, can you re-send it to me? I want to answer you, love adena


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