Free Reading September 3rd

I dedicate this free reading to bethy, who was born Sept 14th 1962. Forever yours. Kevi.

hiya please can you tell me if you feel my deceased bf Craig is still around me? love & light


I hadn’t even started to do this and I started getting sentences and images. I saw someone with light to medium brown hair, kind of long, shaggy. I heard rather than saw, the word motorcycle. I heard “Beth, I hear you calling..” I think its the Scorpio’s who did that song, but I’m not sure. There’s a deep deep sadness at the fact that he won’t be home tonight. I saw roses , I almost smelt them too. He showed me a moon lit night, and I don’t know if that was when he passed, because then he showed me you, and him, at a kitchen table, looking out at a window at the moon, a full moon, talking about your dreams and plans. Then he showed me you there, at that kitchen table, this time alone, crying : wondering if he could see you, if he was somewhere, if you would ever have any dreams come true. He says he was behind you , arms wrapped around your shoulders, whispering to you, that your dreams would come true, that you would live them together.
I heard the word “wolf”. Then he said, Knitting or nursing, caring for other people. That you take care of everyone else but not yourself so much. I think he said you’re a mother now. I think you have 2 or 3 girls. The second one either reminds you of him, or was named after him.
I heard the name “Patty” but I don’t know if that is someone else he is referring to , or one of the girls. I saw a tattoo with a heart and an arrow through it. If it isn’t a tattoo, its a symbol of that picture.
He says ” I will come home, I am home, I am always with you, we will be together again, up in the canyon “.
Beth I hope I helped you, and that this made sense. Please contact me at *protected email* if you want to.
Love Adena


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