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Good morning Adena

I have a question

Will I marry my boyfriend T

Thank you best wishes


Hi L,

I have a feeling you and T have just gone through a very difficult time recently. There may even be a period where you don’t communicate or the discussion of marriage is off the table for a time. It may even be a longer time than you think. Financially its just not the right time. The relationship between you is definitely strong enough and wanted enough by both of you but the outside stress’s are also strong , and marriage is several steps away. What will happen is that there will be a recovery time , where you are both trying to regain some perspective about the relationship after this difficult period, then you will start over again in the relationship with an honest conversation about where you both are and what you both want. Your desire to get married is going to have to be tempered by his desire to feel like he’s the one making the decision to do it and when. There is a sense that he feels like a failure a lot of the time because he isn’t where he wants to be and he feels you just want to get married and your not thinking about what he wants now, just what you want, ( He thinks you feel you should be getting married now regardless) . It wont work if he’s feeling stressed and resentful. I do think you will get married. Write me if you want to at *protected email* . Love Adena

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