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My complete name is R ( edited )and I was born on ( Edited)and my ex boyfriend complete name is G ( edited), born on ( edited). We were both born in ( edited)and there’s were we live.

My question: Is there any chance of a romantic reconciliation in the near future?

Dear R,
The first thing I see with G, is that he is taking a trip. He feels like he is going home, and coming full circle . You are not just in a relationship, you are also good friends, or you were, and still are according to G. You are definitely the woman he loves. Still loves. I do see a problem with money, and his desire to save it and be successful. He is also feeling sorry for himself and something made him lose faith in love conquering everything. He’s become depressed, and while its clear to me that he loves you, he isn’t sure he believes in love, or that he can have love in his life at this time. He is trying to regain strength on a very physical level, and it comes across as defensive. He knows he hurt you, and he feels that there isn’t anything he can say to justify it. For some reason , he either feels you aren’t on the same page , or other people interfere and don’t agree with your relationship.
He has a choice to make . I definitely see that money, long term issues like family , security, heritage, etc. play a part in this. He is dealing with another ending in his life and I don’t think its about you, I believe its something else. He is trying to get past sorrow and a broken heart. There are definitely family issues that have played a large part in this, as well as his career/work. He has been waiting and waiting for things to turn around for him and they haven’t , and its taken its toll on him which impacted the relationship. He has a lot of fears, he is overly concerned with money, to the point of exclusion of everything else. In fact , he is allowing it to decide what his heart will do. However, what I am seeing is that he will either have circumstances change , finally for the better, or, seeing you, does what it should, it brings him back to normal, because I do see reconciliation between you. That is what he really wants, above all else. He has been allowing other things to rule his heart, and his heart wants you.
Love Adena


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