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Hi Again, I’ve done this week’s free readings, but, not the weekend’s. Ill be back later on to announce who they are. So if you have sent them in, you still have an opportunity. If you haven’t send them in, you can still do that too. If you wonder how i choose a reading, it would help to look at the post marked, all about readings. I can tell you that i allow myself to choose with my heart / and a combination of my guides to steer me toward where i feel someone needs it. It isn’t only the question that determines my choice. I can see a question that looks absolutely dire, and someone else has written a one sentence simple question, and yet, that is the one who is most in pain upon reading them. I do want to point out that from now on, i am going to really stick by my rule of one question. Please don’t send me five questions and complicated situations. That isn’t what this was meant for. It is actually the reason i did what i did this week. I came across one, and i knew i couldn’t answer it fairly on this medium, so i just said, free readings for all ! lol…
So, it will be a one question, with one focus. If the focus is another person, send me their name and birth date and ill edit all personal information. I want to address the issue of reading other people. Ethically, morally, and ideally. I have no problem doing that. There are certain places and questions, i wont go or answer about them, but that really doesn’t even have to be said. My guides do that for me. The universe has a privacy filter built in. Or at the very least I do. People think that its like the movies or TV. I read someone and i get a scene and see every single thing their doing, with whom, in slow motion, and i get their lives and everything and everyone that’s in it , and all about them. That would be a major breach of privacy. I can’t imagine that our higher self would allow that kind of security breach. I think we are allowed to know what each person’s soul allows us to know about them. There are times i get can’t get answers. I believe i am being blocked because its not for me to know. I don’t always see things either. Nor do i get it all at once. I have to ask specifically, each thing, or question. My abilities aren’t all on at the same time. Sometimes they are and its amazing lol…but mostly I’ll be working with two of them , or three of them. Ill be using clear hearing, clear feeling and clear knowing. In medium ship my clairvoyance is way more active. But its bits and pieces. It has only been in Medium ship readings where i have actually seen things appear to be movies like. Medium ship is like no other readings in the world. But when i am reading psychically, please remember, it isn’t like that. I am asking each question, one by one, interpreting it, being given only the information that is helpful for you to know, and if its deemed unethical, or against what this persons higher soul needs for its greater growth, i simply will not get the information. I believe no one will. They can say whatever they want; i don’t believe their accessing true spirit information. The universe is always win win. And if you’re working with an ethical reader whose intent is to do good, you will get the information you need to move forward and make decisions.
Have a great weekend everyone, i’ll be back in a bit, love adena


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