How free readings work

Please refer to this blog post if your confused about how the free readings work. Every other Sunday ( the first and the middle ) of the month, i will choose a free reading from the entries that i have. I keep all the entries in a file. I let myself be guided to feel which one needs to be answered. Even if i don’t choose yours that week, come back the following free reading week as i may choose it then. I read every single email , and even if i don’t choose it, i sent out love to you, and ask that your guides, your angels hear your request.

If i have chosen your email, i will edit any information you put in the email. I do like having first names and dates of birth. They help as a focal point when i concentrate on the reading. If you don’t have it, that’s fine. There is no set hour i put the reading up. I don’t mail readings to people. So please book mark this page.

On Sunday’s that i don’t have a free reading, i will be posting discounts for the week to come, Knowledge about angels, spirit guides and tips on how you can contact them, and utilize their energy in your day to day life. I may do a reading for the week ahead, or if anyone wants to send in general questions, I’ll be happy to answer those as well. Love Adena


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