July 5 th Sunday Free Reading

Dear Adena ,

I have been involved back and forth with someone who’s name is G. He is quite a bit younger than I am , and I think he is someone who may not be sincere. What i mean , is that I believe he is also involved with several other women at the same time and doesn’t take this relationship as seriously as I do. Can you confirm my feelings as correct, or tell me what he does feel about me specifically? Our dates of birth are ( Information edited ) Thank you, and thank you for doing this for us. Anita

Hi Anita,

There is that saying where there is smoke there is fire, or, if it doesn’t feel right , it isn’t. However, I don’t go into a reading with those expectations. I go into a reading with an open mind. I am glad I did . When I look at G, I see someone who is a natural flirt. He enjoys beauty of all kind. He loves art, culture, beautiful women, pictures, scenery and I bet if I knew more about him, He would have some kind of musical, artistic, photographic or writing talent. He is also a woman’s man. There are men’s men, and women’s men. G is a women’s man. sensitive, a talker, poetic, kind. He doesn’t run on the machismo most men are ruled by. He pretty much abandoned it completely, knowing that it wasn’t his strong point. He was always smart enough to play up his strong points.
He likes women, they’re his friends, and his confidantes. Yes, He loves the attention, and yes he loves that they have crushes on him . I can see why they make you very uncomfortable. I also saw that for the most part, that was all they remain. Friends, flirts, fun. You were the person he has deep feelings for. I didn’t see anything that indicated he was using you for anything. I also saw that he felt your lifestyles matched perfectly. Age was definitely not an issue. Honesty is important between you both. I might tell G that you are slightly uncomfortable with his fan club, but you also do need to know, that that’s all it amounts to. George is a women’s man, but he’s a one woman’s man, and that’s you. Love Adena


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