May 12 th Sunday Reading

Hi Everyone, Sorry for getting this up late. I hope your mother’s day was a good one. Here is this week’s reading.

Will J pass the test in order to become licensed in our business? I know he is certainly motivated to do so, but do you foresee whether or not he will actually pass it? There is some internal debate and tension regarding his abilities and whether or not joining the family business would even be possible for him, or prove to be a worthwhile path should he manage to manage to get his foot in the door. A lot is riding on it.

Thank you! 

Dear C,
I can tell that there is a lot of speculation about J in the family business. I see it reflected in his reading. He is very smart. I believe he would pass. I don’t see that being the problem as much as how he either views his own business acumen or how he thinks others view him . I do see two women who he feels are sympathetic to him. One of them may be a romantic partner. One is family. There are issues of forgiveness that he is dealing with that i think have more to do with his own choices and making peace with where he wants to go from here then it has to do with other people ( although it may not seem that way). He is thinking deeply about what HE wants rather than what anyone may want for him, or what he may want to prove to anyone. There will be an element of surprise having to do with whether or not he actually does work for the family and if he does well. He has a highly spontaneous nature. Sometimes, that has gotten him into trouble. I can tell you that i see some wonderful qualities in him. He is creative, a good business man , and sensitive. There is also as much internal struggle inwardly for him regarding family and he wants to do something where there is no agenda, nothing is being hidden, where he can shine, and allow his full nature to take over. I think he has had reason in the past where his personality lead him down a different road and he’s ready to show the side of him that can shoulder responsibility. He does have fears, but i think he feels he’s ready.  It would help if more people were on board with him. Love adena


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