It’s Saturday night and i haven’t received any entries for tomorrows free reading. I will look in the file, but you still have time to enter. I’m surrounded by cards, and candles and different oils that i mix to put on candles. I sound like such a cliche’. I decided to pull a card from Charles and Doreen Virtues beautiful Indigo Angel Deck, for you, for me, and i was surprised to see it was Archangel Michael.
If any angel is popular its Michael. I think he’s the Brad Pitt of Arch Angels. I never connected with him. I used to think, that if i ever reconnected with my angels i would connect with him. But i didn’t. I connected with Raphael the healer.
SO Michael. What is he saying to us. He’s courage, confidence, protection, safety, guidance, he’s your life purpose. Were you thinking about your path tonight? where are you going? ask Michael. Having trouble with electric or mechanical items? ask Michael. Wear royal blue and Purple, its his colors.
Did you feel that your great plan or idea isn’t panning out the way you thought? That’s why Michael’s in town. Hes reminding you to have confidence and purpose. Are you feeling unsafe, insecure, unprotected ? Michael is an army of one. Ask him to stand by you.
I realize i use Michael Daily to cut cords of negativity. Or simply cords of attachment that serve no purpose. You know , the guy who cut you off? or the receptionist who ignored you for a half hour? Ask and picture Michael cutting those negative cords with a scissor or a sword. I ask him to cut them from people i don’t even know! I can physically feel the difference when i cut the cords.
So on this soft warm ( around here) Saturday night Archangel Michael stopped by to share his confidence, love, strength, safety, life purpose , and gave us a means to let go of negative attachments.
Its only about 7:30 EST so everyone enjoy the evening, and ill have a free reading for you tomorrow.

Love Adena


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