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Hi Everyone, thanks for giving me the leeway of another day. Everything happens for a reason. This afternoon I was contacted by a client who really needed me to do this reading for her. It was with difficulty that I had to put the other readings away because everyone who sent them in really needed answers too. So, what I’m going to do, and I’ve never done this, in all the 15 years of having my own site is everyday this week, I will answer a new question. I don’t know by what time, I will have it posted, it may be afternoon or early evening, but stop by , it will be here. If you have entered something in the last week or two, hopefully I will have answered your question. Remember, that slow weeks when I don’t receive many questions, I will go to my files and choose a reading. So I hope to actually answer most of the requests I have received, or as close to as many as I can for now. Love Adena

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My question is if I should let a pregnancy happen or not? As much as I would like it very much I’m very afraid of the consequences for my life, I’m terrified honestly and how it could also impact the child’s life, I want to do the right thing and stop it if is the case while I have control over it if that’s the right thing. Thank you so much from all my heart for giving me the free reading and looking into this for me, it’s something I really can’t decide lightly and I’m very concerned about. All my love, hugs, P

Hi P ,

I looked at this several times. I didn’t look at it from the child’s point of view , I think the view I received answered most of that anyway. No matter which person I am viewing, the answer is always the same. I get a man who appears to be level headed, objective, analytical. Normally , when this type of man comes up, it represents a lawyer. He didn’t come up once, he came up each and every time I looked at you both. I know the changes that have been apparent , somehow, when or if this should happen, they aren’t as readily accessible to either of you. I did not get straight misery over it, nor elation. My best answer was a working together, or being on the same page, a friendship, a shared lifestyle. My worst answer was heartbreak, secrecy, and lack of commitment. The readings varied . For the most part , those were the variables, how it could go. How I think it would go is that he would find himself still torn about commitment. There would be a lawyer involved, you would be working toward doing the right thing for your child. Remember that practical woman who he always ended up with? Not anymore, at this time, I see an exciting confident, attractive, very passionate woman as someone he would run to. Now, this could be you, it could be another side of you feeling this way during your pregnancy, but something tells me he would simply turn back into his contrary normal behavior. He would feel trapped and run. EVEN, if you were to get married, which is another very good possibility, as I saw family, security, status quo , etc….. I also saw this other woman came with that picture as did secrecy. This may sound like its all over the place. I see very distinct scenario’s. I see how they would all play out. He is changing his feelings toward you, that is true. A pregnancy would bring up and out his real personality and real agenda, it would not transform him , in fact it would remind him of who and what he is. He would play nice until it no longer served his purpose. At least I can say that in the beginning, he would be on your side and work toward whatever you wanted to do. Get married, sure, not get married, okay too. Co-parent, okay. He has changed, I’m not saying he’s all bad, but remember where he came from! You had very little to work with, and you did a lot with what you had lol…. Make him feel like he’s your hero for doing whatever you want in this situation, and he will do what you want. My answer is that if you are okay with being the one who is raising this child, and in control of you and the baby’s life, go ahead. Do this. No matter what role he starts out being in this tableau , it will change, and it won’t take long. This is not a white picket fence life. You know that even though this was long for a free reading, you can’t go by this alone. Think about this. Its not too late to have a child. You need to make sure you aren’t going to want to strangle him when the baby is 5 and he is still in your life and going against something you want for your child. Think P. Love Adena


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