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I wanted to write and let everyone know that the last two weeks I have been doing the Sunday Free readings via Phone. While that isn’t my usual practice, I had two very unusual readings that could only have been done that way. One of them would have been helpful to many other people suffering from something similar, and I intend to do a show in the future regarding it. So, Please forgive me for not posting a question the last two weeks. I have been doing it on another medium. Please remember, that I also do free readings on my Monday Show as well. There are also times when I will pick a question during the week that I feel is urgent to answer. I rarely answer questions posted to my FB fanpage, but I am and have been personally and consistently answering them for years via my site, and phone. Those of you who have been the recipient’s of my free readings, know. I do want to mention, that this is a one question reading, please be specific about what you are asking, send me the names of people, yourself included. I will EDIT personal information, but I need to have it to connect to you and them. Emails that have no names, are vague, ie, will i get married, ie, will i meet my soul mate, ie, is he happy? will not be answered. It’s simple : If we are on a call, you can do that. I am talking to you, and connecting. On a piece of paper, for a one question email, with a very limited time period to connect to someone and answer, I’m going to pick someone who gives me their information. Private readings are always available, I love you, and I’ll Speak to you soon, Love Adena
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We all see the daily horoscope that now shows what sign the moon is in. We see that it changes every two days. A lot of…

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