Ruby Earrings and Bobby Pins

People always ask ” how do people who have passed on communicate with you?”. Aside from the readings i do, my sister has a sense of humor and leaves things or finds things for me. My mother has people send me things. I’ll explain. I also want to say it took me many years to be able to see these things . My mother has been gone for almost 20 years and my sister for ten. Several months ago i had lost a ruby earring. I searched all over the house for it but it was gone. I looked for days. I assumed it was one of the many pieces of important jewelry i had lost for good. One night, i was getting into bed and in the middle of the bed, there it was! There was no way i had had it in the bed or worn it there. That was my sister, finding it and putting it there for me. My sister always wore bobby pins , she would try her hair in weird ways with bobby pins all over. I just never got it. Never wore one in my life. Never bought one. You couldn’t find one in my entire house. So, imagine my shock when i opened up one of the little ornamental boxes on my work desk and found a bobby pin in it just recently! I kid you NOT! Did i question it? a little. not much. Here’s why; I know i didn’t put it there, i know i didn’t buy it. No one is here except my son and my husband. I know they didn’t put it there. I know that years ago i wouldn’t have been ready to receive that, so it simply wouldn’t have been there. I know if i question it too much and start to try to find practical reasons for it, ie, someone must have been here and put it there, then the miracles that happen in our lives will stop happening because we, or i will be denying them.
One year around the holidays I was having a particularly difficult time and i was talking to my Mom. I asked if she was still around me. I asked her to make herself known if she was. I wasn’t getting any signs . That entire winter season into spring everyone i knew sent me a scarf ( i am NOT a fan of scarves) wool scarves, silk scarves, knitted and crocheted scarves, i felt like it was some kind of cosmic joke! and then it hit me! it was !!!!!!! My mother finally had the truth! Many decades ago i had told a lie about a scarf. I told the lie twice. Once when it happened, and then again when i was older. My mom had a very good sense of humor and here she was telling me , not only was she still around but she knew my secret and i felt like we were both giggling over that long ago lie i told her and she had forgiven me. My signs didn’t start like this. They started with seeing butterfly’s, birds, the smell of my sisters perfume. A feeling coming over me. Sometimes our children, especially when their very little will see our relatives and get messages. Talk to your loved ones. Keep up the conversation with them as if they’re here. They will find a way to let you know they heard you. They will play a song for you, or you will watch something on TV that reminds you of them. Or you will read something at the exact right time. How they do it, i don’t know, but they do. Love can do anything. Adena


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