Sunday April 19th

I didn’t realize It’s been so long since I’ve posted!!! Forgive me! I have been reading some of your emails to me on the air on my Monday show on the at 8 am PST , 11 AM EST . My show is Ask Adena , and I talk about everything metaphysical; my experiences with it, I have quests, and I take live calls, and read my emails on air. So many emails are still being sent to me with the email address , and the question, but no names at all. I do want a name. It is important that I connect to a person. I can edit or use an initial. I chose a different kind of question to answer this week for several reasons. 1. It’s rare that I have ever been asked this. I have seen this questions posted by other readers, and to tell you the truth, I have always thought they were really written by the reader. I can tell you this was a genuine question sent in to me this week. I don’t do things like that. With me, what you see, is what you get.
2. I recently had a reading that could have gone so much better if my client and I had communicated differently either before or during the reading. and 3. Every reader has a different way of reading. But, there are rules to every reading, and so much can be gained in a relatively reasonable amount of time. Knowing what to do to maximize that time is important. So here is this week’s question.

Hi Adena,
What does a psychic and client each need to do in order to get the best reading?


Hi Jak,

I am glad you asked me that question. I will tell you what I do before a reading. I meditate for 15 mins before each reading. That is why for the most part I work by myself, by appointment. Every reader has different things they do. I hold crystals in my hands for a few minutes and i pick out a few crystal bracelets from either an archangel, goddess, master, whoever I feel my client is going to need. I then ask to be connected to my client and will ( if I know their name) say their name in my mind and ask to be given information for their highest good and growth. I call in my guides and their guides, and I open the portals of medium ship ( even if it isn’t a medium-ship reading) just to see if anyone is around. I then ask my guides to give me a name of someone connected to them. The name they give me, is always someone in their life who is not really close to them, but who they have talked to recently, or talked about recently but the conversation they had regarding that person, somehow connects to the issue we will be dealing with.
I light candles. I have other small things that i do, that are just part of my ritual. Each reader has their own. If I am doing a medium-ship reading, I will spend more time in meditation, as well as a different type of meditation. I will go into another realm . In addition to that, I will write down information , if I have a name before the reading. If I don’t have any names, and know virtually nothing , which is the case most of the time, I simply do all of the above and start the call already open, and feeling connected because most of all, I have asked that I do this reading from love. Once that clicks into place, the love from the universe, I know all is perfect. I am a conduit, non judgmental, channel for what you need to hear to open up choices, doors, hearts and most of all, show you the bigger picture happening .

What you can do is,
No expectations. Before you start, ask that your guides and guardian angels make contact . If you are having a medium ship reading ask that your loved ones come through, but please understand that for so many different reasons, anyone may come through, and you would be shocked at who does and why. No one ever comes through for any other reason than love. But you would be surprised at the people you never thought cared. Try not to be nervous. Center yourself by sending white light around your body and breathing in and out for a few minutes.
Get a pen and pad. I don’t record, so please take notes. You will forget what I say. Stay open. Have a list of what you want to know. Write everything you want to know down. You will forget if you don’t in the excitement of the reading. This is YOUR reading. I know many psychics don’t allow clients to say much. In a medium ship reading I too don’t want you to say much at first. I need to get my information from your loved ones and then you can verify it. But in a psychic reading, I am flexible. I can work in many ways. I can either tell YOU whats going on with you, or you can ask me questions about what you want answered, or we can do a little of both. The point I am making is, I want you to get your questions all answered in the amount of time you have chosen. It is important to be clear. I understand you don’t want to tell a psychic too much, but if a psychic mentions something , it is important to acknowledge it . It is important to validate the information as correct or not accurate. Don’t be intimidated or afraid to speak up. This is a collaborative reading. Yes, we could probably do the reading with little input from you, but it is much richer, deeper and more valuable when you validate, and add your own insight.
One of the things I don’t suggest doing is trying to help us figure out what it is we might be seeing. Sometimes information may be ambiguous, let the psychic get a sense of what it means. Please try to not define it even though you are obviously closer to the situation than we are. Most of all , know that nothing that was said is life or death. This reading is meant to give you a different perspective, and some insight. It is to help you see what other people may be feeling, and how you may have choices and options you didn’t see before the reading. Never lets any psychic overrule your heart. You’ll know a genuine reading immediately. People often ask me how often they can get readings. It’s really up to you. You know when or if you need one. I don’t send out reminder’s or discounts to client’s because I feel it’s intrusive and telling them they need to get a reading. I will tell a client their next reading is discounted if I want to discount that way. It’s a highly personal decision. NEVER be fooled by emails telling you they have dreamt of you, or have a warning or something to tell you. Not one of them is real. I hope I answered this question fully, Love Adena ~


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