Sunday Blog January 26th 2013

Form Many it seems that 2014 started with
a lot of carry over situations from the previous year. That’s not to imply that every year doesn’t of course have situations that are on going, but this year was different. There was more illness, more heartbreak, more unsettled relationships. At the same time, even during it all, these same people are becoming more aware of the spirituality around them. Where once they would have felt destroyed by these circumstances, they now know, they will get through them , and more than that, that they will flourish.
This was not the usual new year that people were making resolutions. Too many have either gone past that custom and are already doing their own on a daily basis, or they were too down to do them this year. I saw a distinct divide . There is a major shift that is still happening from 2013 and those who went through that shift because they were aware and prepared are the ones who are having an easier time right now.They may have some problems, but instinctively they know deep inside it will all turn out the way it is supposed to be. The people who were more materially or externally focused are being asked to spend time looking inward for answers , not outward. Our guides will protect us all the time. Sometimes sickness is a way to get our attention. Sometimes broken relationships is also a way to get us to ask inner questions about who we are , rather than focusing on the outside circumstances.
Everyone reading this will be in a completely different place by March. The next few months I see some Legal issues being dealt with in your favor. I see choices being made that are in your best interest and highest good. I see walls coming down, and hearts opening up .
The very best way to know without a doubt if something is right or wrong for you, is to ask the question… and then answer. don’t think, don’t give it a chance to muddle you up. Everyone has a gut reaction. You feel it in your stomach, that’s why its called a gut reaction. Believe that first gut knowing. Most of the time we know what that answer is, and we don’t like it. Usually the answer is, NO, this is NOT good for you lol and we talk ourselves out of it because we want it. But in the end, what we want, usually turns out to be far worse for us than any fun we ever got from it. ( that was just an aside) I’m really giving you a certain way to know the truth of something. That works for people, jobs, anything. Your gut always knows the truth. Believe it.
Love adena


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