Sunday Dec. 15th

Hi Everyone, Two things to mention this week. The first is that I am offering a 20 % discount on all readings over $40.00 . Send me an email and i will send you an invoice with the discount for the reading.
This week I didn’t receive many entries. I decided to do a medium reading and see if anyone came to me. I asked that this person be someone that someone viewing my site would see. Some of it is a little gory, and sad, I’m sorry,I’m not in control of who comes to me in a case like this. If it resonates with anyone , you can write me .
I immediately saw a large man who was overly built, and he comes to me with the name Geo , he is about 42. I don’t think his name is Geo, i think he is called Geo because he’s from Georgia. He is working around rocks, and i realize he is on a chain gang in the south in prison. He died by ( and im sorry this is awful) being beaten in the head with rocks. Before he went there, he had a very good life. These are names associated with him, either then, or now. Nate, sylvie, charles, and this one im not clear on, sambra? or he may have been saying sandra. I have no idea how flax or where flax is grown, but he said he had something to do with flax. I know they called him Uncle Geo. He showed me scenes of eating sweet potato pie on the porch and drinking lemonade, with suspenders. But even before that, there was a time where he dressed more formally, in a suit, but the suit was casual, he said he was a “natty” dresser. He told me that the reason he got in trouble was that he had the ability to live the way he wanted to, and the powers that be, didn’t like that. Essentially he was railroaded. He said that happened all the time. He was innocent of what they accused him of. ( i don’t know what that was) . There may have been or is a Helen in the family. He spends his time now, living the life he lived before they railroaded him. He’s happy back on the porch, eating, laughing, living the life he wanted. If this resonates, let me know, love adena


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