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Will E call me soon?

Hi J.
I was surprised by my answer ! In fact, I feel like I’m going out on a limb with my prediction. Timing is the toughest thing to pin down. I looked at E from several different sides. He has not forgotten you. Right now his job is the most important thing he has. He treats it with respect and care. You know how much it means to him and why. At first when I asked if he would call soon, my answer was that he wouldn’t because he simply didn’t want anything to potentially interfere with the life he had rebuilt. I continued to ask other questions about what he felt for you and I saw his continued love, affection, his thoughts that you were hurt; so I asked again, and this time, I saw that he would still not want the stress associated with the situation , he also doesn’t know how to start communication again, but…. he wants some special time, and I was surprised to see him thinking he could make it happen. So I asked, when. At first I saw that he had felt he missed the time. I think he meant his birthday. Then I got a 9. I went through days ,weeks, months, and my guides indicate its days. So J. I hope that’s accurate !! I can tell you that even if the time isn’t on target, the reading is. What that means is: He will get to a point shortly when he will feel he can call you. He does miss you and he has not stopped thinking of you. He has simply given everything he has to his job. ( And stayed out of trouble :)) Love Adena


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  1. Jeanne says:

    I will never give up hope to hear or see him again. Recently I have been having those strange feelings inside of me and feel he is thinking about me. I send him pink every day and leave messages of all types. Dear friend I was so glad you chose to answer my question. When I have been so down I see a new picture of him on the computer or remember something he had said. Thanks you for giving me much needed hope.
    Love Jeanne

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