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Happy Holiday’s Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying each other and your loved ones. Your loved ones who have passed on , are with you , with every candle you light, and every ornament you hang. They are in every snowflake that touches your face, and every breeze that tickles your nose. Every butterfly that seems to fly near you, every penny that falls at your feet. It’s meant for you. How do i know? They tell me. They tell me the things they do , and yet, you still don’t notice it is out of the ordinary. You don’t notice when the lights flicker on and off, when the curtains flutter, and there is no breeze, when you find a barette in your desk that you didn’t buy. Or ten dollars in your coat when you know you didn’t have it, just when you needed it. It’s all from them, all their gifts and their ways of telling us they are here. They have favorite places to sit in our homes with us. They communicate with our young children, and our pets all the time. The next time you think you almost can hear what your mother said or would say, or your father, or friend, or husband, think again, it very well, is what they are saying.

And here is this weeks free reading,
My name is M , I was born on ( spring). I would like to know if you can see if and when my ex boyfriend L born on ( winter)will come back (lovingly and apologetically), and that we are able to reconcile, and if it’s possible that you could estimate a time frame.

Thank you.

Hi M,

There’s a lot going on, I think L just started a new job too, and he wants to do well on it, so that’s part of his focus right now as well as what’s going on between you both. He does feel extremely guilty, and he has spent time thinking about what he wants , and he has gone to someone who he respects to ask for advise and spiritual counsel. He knows his behavior isn’t acceptable, but he feels like he’s a slave to his body sometimes. He’s trying to pull himself out of the embarrassment and humiliation ( I know your more humiliated you think than he is ) of the situation . He allows a lot of things to control him. He does feel guilty, and he worries incessantly about everything and how its going to turn out. He has some very wonderful qualities, and he is emotional, and loving , yes, but he does do things without thinking, and does allow himself to get caught up in thoughts, actions, and attitudes that are beneath him, and your relationship. He is in a transitional period, and he has hope that if he does the right thing now, with an open heart, and a mind toward long term security, as well as making something legally right, it will work out. But yes, M, he is drawn to you, He does care about you . I keep feeling as if there is a child involved, but I feel as if He is too young to have one. So I’m actually a little confused about what I am getting. It could be that I am picking up on conversations about marriage and children. Actually, he is not physically too young to have one, so he might. You asked for a time frame on when this will happen, I can tell you that within a month L will have gotten his life together, almost miraculously. He is going to first do what he has to do financially and career wise, which is where he is focused first. I see him feeling hope about being with you, but I have the distinct feeling he needs to be elsewhere until he can make a decision. I know it appeared as if he had already made that decision. Apparently, he’s still in the process of it because of the larger picture.
He wants the relationship with you, and in the end I think that’s what he will choose. I would say within 2 months , this should happen. I hope this helped, Love Adena


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