Sunday Free Reading February 2nd 2014

I haven’t received any questions this week, in fact, the questions for the free readings seem to be hardly coming in. They are either getting lost or not getting to me. Id appreciate it if everyone would enter them by writing to *protected email* . I have always received them that way before.
This week, I decided to do an update for a client who I haven’t read for a while. She isn’t aware that I am doing this, so I hope she checks my site every once in a while.
Hi, PPS. I wanted to do a preliminary reading before we spoke to just see how H was feeling about you and the relationship. I’m not delving into this deeply . Some of the feelings he has are based on Karmic issues that are bigger than the relationship . They’re lessons he needs to learn, and of course you are part of them, but he needs to work these out whether you are here or not. He feels like a failure, and he felt that way before this relationship ( that was what I meant when I said whether you were there or not) . He has deep control issues and presently doesn’t feel like he is the one in control of either his emotions OR the way the relationship is going. For H has two settings, he is in control or he is in love, there is no gray area. Right now He is not in control because he cant get control over you! At the heart of this reading he feels that he has no money, no one to turn to to get money, and he feels like at one time he could have easily gotten anything he wanted from you in that area , you were his go to girl for help , what went wrong? He can’t manipulate, although he’s trying! His feelings are hurt, he is pouting, holding back, thinking of how he can get what he wants, and I do believe somewhere, already thinking of cutting his losses and starting over somewhere else. He’s still working this. I didn’t go further, or ask specifically about you. There was a lot of karma here. Can you feel this, or is he hiding it well? write me and let me know. Love adena


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