Sunday Free Reading January 19th

Hi Adena,
My DOB is ( edited), and I would like to know how I can be more successful in my career.

Hope I get picked.


Dear J.

Id love to sound perfectly in control with the perfect answer for you , especially on line on my own posting , but that isn’t how it always turns out . Before I even started this reading , I kept hearing the name Carol in connection with you. I don’t know if you’re working with a Carol right now but she came up . Please let me know by email if that is accurate. The second I closed my eyes I saw an image of a little girl in braids in a catholic school girl uniform who appeared lost and scared as if she were thrown into something that was totally alien to her and she had to learn the ways of a foreign culture and she was insecure and vulnerable.
I know that you are in a new field, but you have been in this new field for a while and have experienced some early success . I have absolutely no idea if the image I saw was literal or symbolic. If it was literal, it is telling us that something about the job has brought you back to that point in your life and you have to call on the things that got you through then, how you made it with your innate curiosity, intelligence, question asking, and truth. That after a difficult time ( which you are still recovering from ) and this is you finally taking the time you need to recover, you will realize it was not a fluke, this early success, you will continue to learn and grow in your field.
Please remember that you jumped into this new career right in the middle of one of the worst times in anyone’s life and was an immediate hit! You may think you grieved, but you didn’t give yourself much time to do that. You had to immediately start working and being a success at that otherwise you were going to find yourself in deep trouble. All your energy went into making yourself successful at work. There was a tremendous amount riding on that. Its as if the universe has said, Okay J, now is the time for you to take a bit of a rest, take some field related courses, breathe, look at what you have accomplished. ( there looks like a big accomplishment coming up that has to do with money you have either saved or made ) . Don’t focus on where you aren’t at this point, focus on where you are and what you did SO right!!!! The next year is about fast moving events and the finality of that experience, but also, success ahead in business as well as other areas :)))) Love Adena


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