Sunday Free reading July 6th

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe July 4th. Here is this week’s free reading
Why is it so hard for me to find a stable job? It is very daunting for me to seek employment. I feel like I will never find something I enjoy without over-thinking about it and being anxious

Hi A. Its interesting that you already know half the answer. I want to say that on a karmic level ( what is underneath the surface of the situation, and what is driving the situation, as well as the lesson on a large level) is that its time to start a new pattern, and a new way of bringing in money. You re ready to do this. You are also objective, intelligent, funny, and able to ( when you’re ready) let go of the past and move on. In the past, you had a hard time finding the courage to stand up for yourself. I think it had to do with simply not being aggressive and confident , as well as being unable to come to a clear decision regarding employment. Your thinking was cloudy because it meant so much to you, you over thought. You also allow it to overwhelm and overtake your own personality. It starts to rule you, rather than you easily handling it as just part of your life. I think you feel that work is something you are going to have to love, and you feel that you have a lot of responsibility and a lot to give at the same time, so you want it to reflect all it can give you and all you can give it.You are super focused and your trying to be as realistic as possible.Im not sure that you’re networking as much as you could be. I think you are thinking for some reason that other people wont be as on board , or recognize you as you would want them to. I see the biggest obstacle as one you can surmount. Its about forgiveness and coming to terms with where you have been previously, and where you want to go in terms of career. I usually see this when someone is about to make a huge step in their life and they don’t see how they can get from where they are right now to where they want to be. They need to forgive other people who have let them down in past experiences, as well as themselves for opportunities they missed, or messed up and realize that we NEVER really lose opportunities. They aren’t once in a lifetime. I believe we get them over and over again . They keep coming until were ready for them. Like a train or a bus comes for us. I also see you as being disciplined and that will pay off. There is something about traveling back and forth or balancing money and getting out of debt.
I actually DO see a job with a company that is firmly established. I see you being dedicated and excited. I also see it being what you want for yourself down the road : its part of your larger plan, and yes, it will be something you want to do and love. The biggest most important thing here A , is, forgive whoever hurt or disappoint you, including you, stop allowing yourself to obsess over this, stop allowing yourself to be ruled by fear, or pride, allow your confidence, your intelligence, humor, and objectivity to come out and play. You have so many wonderful qualities that are needed . There is nothing keeping you stuck except for fear, and some regret. You re on the verge of having exactly what you want. It wont be long until you do. Love Adena


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