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Hi Everyone, Sorry, i know i haven’t done a reading in a few weeks. Here is this week’s reading. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love adena

Would really love and appreciate your help. I have been single for over a year and have really grown in myself, I was wondering can you see someone regarding love coming into my life?x

Hi S.
I want to keep this within a frame of time that is current, so I chose 6 months. You have done a lot of work. I think you came from a place where your world was shattered . I think there has been a lot of courage needed on your part and a tremendous amount of determination to get your life back in control. You are deeply spiritual and intuitive , and I think you allowed yourself this time to recover from the financial and emotional impact the relationship had on you and your family. This is something that you are not fully over.
Your work is going to play a big part in recovering . I do see a relationship for you within a year’s time. It doesn’t have to be an entire year from now. I just asked if there would be a relationship within a year, and yes, I do see someone. I also see you not knowing for sure if you can trust the situation . I know you will be happy with this person but security will mean a lot to you and you will also not want to put yourself in the position you were in , in the past ever again. I see him being the right one. The issues that prevents you from going ahead are forgiveness , fear, and possibly a money related situation. I do see the next six months – 1 year being about new starts, and yes, a good relationship. When you get to that juncture where you are with this person, these issues will come up. At that time S, you will have to ask yourself what your priorities are and if you can forgive the past and move on, and what you can live with , and live without. I hope I have helped, love Adena


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