Sunday Free Reading Oct 11, 2015

I’m still stuck with a job that pays the bills. It’s awful to be in this place. I’ve spent a good number of years trying to figure out how to move forward. I’ve done everything I can, but I feel like I’m just going in circles. All my attempts have been blocked. I don’t know what to do anymore and I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. Please help. What is it that I’m not getting?

Dictated to Adena by Guides ,
Dear Balou, yes, Balou, You have always thought your greatest contribution would lie in the public arena. At one point in your life, it very well may. From where you are, you cannot see the bigger picture. For you, you believe your time to shine is waning. From where we see you, you have decades to shine. You are presently starring in the most important role you can have. You are a wife and a mother. Do not negate the importance of that, and the contribution you are making at work, and the foundation you are building with your name and reputation. You have always been strong willed and made things happen with your confidence and acumen. However, there are times when the universe or the planets, or the course of events and history, place us in periods when it is not in our or other peoples best interests for us to have what we believe we wish to have at that time. Not only are your needs and wants noted by those who matter, they are recorded and dated in the books of time. Nothing that is NOT supposed to happen will happen. Nothing that is to happen will be out of step with your soul path. You feel bored and useless. We see high activity and growth on a soul level of patience .Adjust your expectations in the sense that everything you are doing has more meaning than you are giving it. Fate is not a cliche’. Although there is free will, nothing happens at random. If you are to choose a rise in power, trust that nothing will compete with your soul. Nothing is holding you back from that level, other than your own energies resonance with the souls around you, your contracts with them, your inner souls timing with where and when you choose to change the vibration and energy, which would affect and change the lives of those around you as well. All of this is planned, and none of this is planned 🙂 . Don’t let those words confuse you, it is not meant to do so. Continue to strive toward your goals. Do nothing different other than know, you are younger than you believe, change can happen in a day ; do every day things with uncommon joy. Know that your efforts are noticed and cherished. Know that nothing will happen that you do not approve of deep down. through Adena


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