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My question to a person. Her name is R and I have known her for just over 10 years. I think I love her but maybe I am just in love with an idea of her or an illusion.Regardless, I feel such a strong connection with her and have had strong feelings for her that have not really changed over the last decade. What I would like to know is how she feels about me and if/how I should proceed. I am involved with someone else, engaged but do not feel as if I want to get married. We share a son and have been together for 7 years.

R recently contacted me sort of professing her feelings towards me only to retract it a week later. She does not in her words be responsible for breaking up a family.This also weighs heavily on me as I do love my son and my current partner, I’m not sure if I am IN love with her. Im not perfect and have made a few mistakes in my time and I don’t want to add this the list.

I would like some guidance and insight on how to proceed in this delicate situation. How does she feel about me? Is it worthwhile changing so much in my life for the smallest of chances of being with R or would I simply as I suspect be chasing a mirage? I already know the answer to this question but still there is a nagging question at the back of my mind. It feels something like a calling and a big part of me doesn’t want to completely walk away from R especially if she has genuine feelings for me.

Dear J.

This is difficult. R has genuine feelings. She’s also highly practical. She means it when she says she doesn’t want to break up a family. She would hate doing that, and would hate being caught up in that kind of drama too. She doesn’t actually change her mind when she reneges by the way, while she has confidence in herself, she doesn’t have confidence that you would actually choose her over what you have. She has ADD and i think some of that comes through in her communication. I think if circumstances had been different from the beginning you could have had a good relationship.
I sense a good person in R, but i also believe you are where you are supposed to be. I see a new start in the relationship you’re in right now with the knowledge that you didn’t leave anything that you were supposed to be in behind. I don’t want to presume, or be unkind, as i mentioned, I see R as a good person, but the timing was off, and in the end, R would have done what was best for R in the end. You would not have come first. Yes her feelings were genuine , and yes, you already know which way you were going to go 🙂
Love Adena

** i wanted to add a post script to this reading. Even though i change names, edit information, and do my best to De-personalize the email reading as much as i can. I am still aware that this is being posted. It is for that reason that I don’t “presume” or go deeply into someone’s character in the free readings. I try to get across my answer in the simplest way possible


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