Sunday free Reading, Posted Monday 6/9

Hi everyone, Here it is as promised, this week’s free reading.

I’ve decided to stay where I am, although this wasn’t without a struggle or doubt, and I’m sure you know that by now, Adena. *smile* At this point, I need something to keep me going, so I want to ask if you see any positive developments on this in terms of me moving up and being recognized for the job that I do. Something, anything, to daydream about in the meantime. I know it’s difficult to put a period on this one, but if you pick up on any time frame, that would be really helpful. Thank you.

Love, M

Dear M

While I see that you are not a happy worker these days, I do think you are making a good connection with an important alliance at work that will serve you well. I honestly don’t know why I’m getting some of the things I see, such as feeling embarrassed in front of your co workers, feeling regret, still thinking about leaving, being bored, etc… because you did have options and I thought if you stayed, you would have chosen to stay for good reasons. I’m not even sure I’m getting work when I read the situation. I get several men who are not helpful to you , in fact, they may be hindering you at work. I’m not sure if this is your Boss, A ,or if I’m picking up on another situation at work, or even if something at home is spilling over into work. I think I may be getting residue feelings from the choices you gave up . I think the reality of settling into where you are took a lot of your excitement , courage, and interest and put it on ice and you’re afraid you made a safe but ultimately soul crushing choice.
I asked what would be happening within the next six months. I get travel. I don’t think you travel with this job, but I do get a trip. At first it appears to me that nothing much happens. In fact, Id say you were feeling that a man was cold, not supportive of your work and you had no control over that. But toward the very end of the six month period , all of a sudden it seems that you come to terms with being where you want to be; I see you accomplish something you greatly wanted to accomplish and a male ends up backing you and you have an open honest conversation that puts closure on things that needed to be finished. You feel, finally, strong again, rejuvenated ( which you haven’t felt for a long time) and you feel like you have everything you need to accomplish what you want. It appears to me, that you end up feeling exactly the way you don’t feel right now! So M, whatever has you down, whatever choice you made, and if you feel it was a safe but boring and career damaging move, don’t feel that way for long. It will surely change in the near future. Love adena


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