Sunday Free Reading Sept 6th

This is for Susie, who lost her Son Tony in 2008 when He was 30. I don’t usually do Medium readings as free readings , i think their very private, but she posted it, and there was something about it that pulled me in to answer. They all do , so please don’t feel it’s just one.
I first see Tony Laughing. He has a beautiful smile and he’s a joker. He’s standing in the kitchen. he’s adorable, He’s the type who loves to please and loves to make others laugh, especially his mom, and he’ll do anything for a joke. In fact, i really think he made some kind of joke like, don’t wear out the kitchen ma, or something like that. i wasn’t hearing it correctly.
Then he was playing the martyr, but again, joking, “that’s alright ma, Ill do it” then he said,” but seriously, i had the best sister in the world , all joking aside i couldn’t have had a better one, and everyone knew it. My mother doted on me and i was lucky”.” Not to worry, im making everyone crazy up here”
and he laughs and points up and says “i love you two more than anything in the world” I hope that gave you something to warm your heart. Adena


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