Sunday January 5th

Happy New Year Everyone, I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Wonderful Year. Here is this week’s Reading.

I don’t know what to ask or how to ask it but this concerns me and the man I love with all my heart. We have been separated from each other by circumstances and family and even though he came to me from his country so we could be married, he left me because he thought that I loved my family more than him. He asked me in February this year again to marry him but somehow there is always something happening that keeps us apart. I feel he is again losing hope that we could ever be together and I so want to be with him. When he misses me, he goes all silent and he thinks that I’m wonderwoman incarnate. He knows that financially it is difficult for me to go to him and that my family does not help me at all. I am older than him and he is the first man in my life that has ever treated me like Im worth something to him. His name is C. I need to know how to get things right with C again. I want to be with him and feel I have no way this will ever happen. Please can you tell me if there is any hope at all for us? I miss him so very very much but believe that we are meant to be together- if only there is a way.

I understand why you feel that you have to make things right with him. It felt differently from my end. I realize he came to you, traveled far, put a lot on the line and felt as if he didn’t come first , but I felt that he was asking for a little too much adoration. I saw it as a commitment issue actually. Yes, I know he came to you asking for your hand in marriage , but a man who loves a woman doesn’t make it a competition between himself and family ; within reason.
I saw his leaving as pouting, albeit a very huge and heartbroken pout. He wants and needs to be # 1 and the most special person in your life. While he probably IS this person for you, you have other people that have come before , and other responsibilities, and the years between you are years where maturity and understanding those differences are lacking on his part.
The good news is, there is past life Karma between you. He does love you very much, and I do believe that he will make up his mind that the silent treatment and pouting isn’t an efficient way to get what he wants. I looked several times, and I do see him being the one to end the silence, and ultimately I do believe you will start over with each other and have what you want. Don’t worry about the how’s and why’s yet. Get to the point where you understand deeply that this love is real, on both parts, but that if he wants to be #1 with you, he has to accept those whom you love. If he can accept being as loved as they are, just loved romantically 🙂 then I think it’ll be wonderful. Write me if you need to, Love Karen Adena


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