Sunday Post Specials

Hi everyone, I’ll answer a free reading next week. This week im offering specials in pet reiki and Angel Readings.
Pet evaluation and Reiki special is 79.00 instead of 115.00 $
email me by using the contact box or write me at *protected email* or *protected email* with the details about your pet and i will send you an invoice.

i am also having a special on angel readings 74.00$ will be 55.00
and the 94.00 $ will be 70.00 , just contact me and i will send you an invoice.

Someone had written this week that they had felt blocked from being able to do healing. I too had felt blocked from using my clairvoyance for many years. I actually told myself for years that i simply wasn’t clairvoyant. It wasn’t until i was given permission by someone i considered to be of major authority told me to just “be” clairvoyant, that i was and i trusted that i was. Now i am highly clairvoyant and i trust it.

Healer’s are usually wounded themselves. I include myself among this group. I have and had much to be healed. It’s all about trust. Trusting yourself, trusting that your the only one who is blocking what you have so much to give other people. Please trust that . For that person who asked me, the guides are telling you to stay, stay here, stay with it. Remove the block on the right side. Your actually clairaudient, and all you need is some trust and self forgiveness and your healing will come flowing out. trust what you hear.
Love karen Adena


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