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Questions/Testimonials will I be in my new home by the winter?

Hi, La,

I asked if you would be in a new home, and have the money by the end of Nov, and my answer was yes. Let me clarify, I am not sure the money is the money regarding the situation with the previous house, but it could be. I do see you feeling so much better financially, and I do see a home, and I do see you thinking about how confident you feel, and that you won. While I asked to see by the end of November, it could happen before then. I just wanted to make sure that by winter, it would be okay, and I checked it several times , to make sure. Each time I checked, I received the same answers in regard to how you were feeling in regard to how you were living, i.e., home, finances, your lifestyle, etc…. so in that area, I am sure you will be in a very different situation. I also know there is another area of concern. While I still see that being something difficult, for the next few months, the fact that you are going to be doing well by yourself, is going to give you a different and new outlook on the relationship. I’m not saying that it will take away your feelings, but you are going to start to feel a new confidence, you are going to go out more, lean more on friends and family, feel more recognized in other areas, and decide you deserve to have what you want.
Love Adena


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