Sunday’s Free Reading 11/4

Hi Everyone, sorry I’m adding this on Monday. Here’s the question.

Me and my wife want to move… it a good idea or should we stay right where we are now….thanks…..Rob

Rob, I looked at both scenario’s. There is going to be a difficult period coming with money either way. I have the feeling you already know this. It will pass quickly, and if you stay here you will have more resources to get through it. Moving isnt going to give you what you think it will. I get regret and both you emotionally unhappy ( at least for a certain amount of time). I have looked several times at both and it always comes out that staying where you are is the best for you. There were several things I am not going into detail about, because you know all your reasoning and feelings. I think you can make a new start here. I realize that financially you are going to be in a difficult place but i still believe you can overcome that and be happier here. I hope I helped. Adena


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