The Unification of Valentines day. Sunday Blog Feb 9th

Hi Everyone. Today isn’t a free reading day. In honor of Valentines day, I’d like to offer a discount in reading’s and dedicate a blog today about bringing love into our lives.
First the discount. Any 45 minute reading you would order would be 75.00 instead of 98.00 . So instead of clicking the 45 min phone reading, you would click the half hour phone reading for payment, but it would be for the full 45 mins.

If you think about it, even as little kids we set ourselves up for heartbreak on this day. This is before Mommies started writing cards for everyone in the class . Back in my day, you sat ,shaking, sweating, eager, terrified, hoping, longing, and usually ended up somewhere between relieved and humiliated.
We are taught that it’s all about this thing “romantic” love. We have no idea how to get one of those cards then, and it seems we are striving through out our lives to get the equivalent of a sweetheart Candie for longer than we care to admit. Even after we are married or in committed relationships, we are being told that if we haven’t received Jane Seymour’s open heart collection on Valentine’s Day , our relationship is missing that “fire”.

No one told us that love can’t be broken up by categories. If you want romantic love, all you have to do, is go out there and give love to anyone in any form. The form you get it back will be in the form you are focusing on in the most positive and persistent of ways. Love does not know the difference between parental love, romantic love, friend love, humanitarian love, love for your pet, it just knows giving love will bring you love.

So this Valentine’s day, when you are sitting there feeling like you are never going to get that card , or those sweethearts, or Jane’s open heart collection, get up, go give your neighbor, postman, kitten a kiss, then without feeling sorry for where you are, or regret for what you once had, imagine with gusto the love you now accept fully and completely.


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