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My mother was a natural medium and would routinely tell me who had visited her during the night to say goodbye as they passed on. She didn’t put much stock in her gift’s. To her, they were a strange quirk she had. I was a natural psychic, but hearing the voices of those who had passed over frightened me when I was very young, and I shut down my medium abilities until later on in my career. I always knew they were there, and I was able to access them at will, but I didn’t expand on them until several years ago.

Medium ship readings astound me. Each one is a miracle and completely different . Your loved one will come through however he or she can. They can show themselves at any stage in their life, but you will always recognize them from my description. For the most part when you are coming from love and healing, a departed spirit will come through and want to be there. I will always make contact with someone you know who has crossed over. Most of the time, it is the person you are asking about. Often , I get several people. I have never had a reading from someone that wasn’t all about love, forgiveness, peace, and revelation.
Please be open to seeing who comes through .
I am a certified Medium trained by Charles Virtue, and I have taken a Medium ship Workshop with James Van Praagh.
This work is so humbling. I consider it a great responsibility , that i feel honored to do. Everyone works differently ; I seem to be able to receive information surrounding someone’s death, that may have been unknown or unclear at the time. I do not solve crimes, nor do I wish to solve murder cases, but I have at times cleared up situations for family members.

I will contact you before our session to tell you how to prepare. For medium ship readings I like to give us a half hour for the session. However, if you would like a 15 min reading, let me know and we can arrange that. I usually meditate before our reading to get information, even before we start. Once I receive your pay pal confirmation , I will contact you for a time to speak.

If it is an email reading, please send me the person’s name (first names only) If they had a particular nickname they used, please include that name. Please include the month and day of birth ( not the year) as a focus point for me as well. Most important is their nickname, it takes precedence over all of their names.

The love and deep connection is still alive between you and those who have passed on. I want to show you how accessible they still are to you.

Love, Adena

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