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I have this, mind to mind communication thing going on. I’m told its not telepathy. All signs show that it is real, what do you think.

Hi Pat,

First, I want to say that what you have is very real. I do believe it is definable. You are a natural leader, although at the moment, you are not feeling that way at all. You are here to lead the people you love , mostly your family , to begin with. You are very influenced and connected to female energy, which is supposed to assist you in making choices from the heart, not with your intellect. You have a side that is gentle, very sweet, highly imaginative, and open to the psychic atmosphere. Due to circumstances that have occurred in your life, you feel a lack of inner strength , as well as feeling there is a win and lose component in relationships, where someone always wins, and someone always loses, which also shuts you down sometimes to the gifts you have. You are a natural teacher, and by that I mean, you are here to lead by example, and you will. You will first have to detach from emotional drama, not by closing down, or shutting people out, but by doing the opposite and opening up, and using your heart to communicate with them. You are a natural at ” manifestation.” The law of attraction, is what you do. You have the ability to imagine what you want, to be able to focus on it, using your thoughts, and when you are clear in your feelings, using your emotions, to get what you want.
You can be magnetic. You are what is called “Clair cognizant”. This is someone who just “knows” things but has no idea how they know them. It is one of the four clairs , of extra seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling. I believe you have others as well, but need to open up to activate them . Part of the mind to mind thing you expressed is your magnetism and the other part is indeed telepathy and claircognizance.
This is a good time for me to address something. Often people write in or call, asking about another person’s reading, or another person’s opinion etc… , it is very difficult for me to address that. It is literally like looking for a needle in a hay stack. The best person to clarify a question you have regarding something they said, is the person who told it to you . I am searching for something that in essence is theoretical . I may get the answer by doing my own reading when we are talking about the subject, but usually I won’t just by asking me to read another person’s opinion or reading.
So, having said that, I do in fact, feel you are telepathic, and could increase those abilities if you would take some of the desire to control, the intense worry, guilt, and the feelings of hurt you carry with it, out of the equation. You have enough natural gentleness, openness, imagination, leadership ability , and magnetism to work from.
I hope I answered your question.
Love Adena


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