Sunday Free Reading June 22nd

I had every intention of writing this on the site. I did an animal medium ship reading for someone who just lost her dog of 17 years. When i started the reading, I received some information that was a bit different than the norm, and I decided to write and ask if it was accurate. It was, and so I decided to call her and have the reading on the phone. We were able to see where he is now, how he is healing; Allay her fears that she did indeed do the right thing in the end. He told me what was on the stove for dinner, what she was wearing, what was on the floor at the moment, etc… so he was able to give her many signs that he is with her. He was a special dog, which is why I called her. He will be back to her again. I felt the symptoms of his last day , which is knew where his. She was so broken hearted and full of guilt at the fear she didn’t do the right thing, and as the call went on, I felt him heal and get younger as the minutes passed. Our animals can occupy their own space, and be with us all the time, as they are actually! At any time, you can ask your pet who has passed over, what do you see at home, and they will tell you whats going on, because they never leave you. Love Adena


One Response to “ Sunday Free Reading June 22nd ”

  1. Jen Pak says:

    Thank you for sharing your gift with me today. I feel so comforted in my grief. I am so grateful to you for giving such a wonderful gift to me. I now believe I made the right decision, and I will see Alex again.

    With much gratitude!

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