Sunday May 18th Free Reading

Hi Everyone. It was a beautiful day here. I hope you enjoyed it. Here is this week’s free reading. Please stop by each week to see if i picked yours. I will always go into my files even if it’s a few weeks old , i may pick yours for another week.
Again, It should be a one question reading. Any kind of psychic question is fine. Sending all my love and thoughts out to you. Adena

I have many questions but I think the most important one is will my life gets any easier with the man I am with now?


It helps sometimes to just have the name of the person you are asking about. As you can see, I edit all information. Still, I can do the reading without it , as I have. But, just a reminder for everyone to try to include a first name and dates of birth. I’m not an astrologer, and I certainly don’t use it to do readings based on anyone’s birth sign. I use it as a focal point to pin point your person in the universe.
C, I see in the recent past you or he has just started on a new path, and there is something he has done that has given you the idea and the hope that he is devoted and beginning to get his life in order and control the way he has said he would and wanted to. You have the kind of relationship where you both have that passion, and at the same time get along beautifully. You re hoping that the events that are going on right now are the changes you needed to turn this situation around. You cant do anything about it. Only he can. There have been promises , or if not promises, he has simply not done what you hoped or what he hoped he would do. On a very practical level , this isn’t what you need or want in your life , the way it is. I think the changes will be much slower in coming then you hoped and there will be a lot of unhappy people, which you already know to expect. I do see an end coming up for you in regard to him, but I think its you, and I think you are going to decide that its time to move on and concentrate on your own life and do what feels right to you . I know he wants to remain in your life as best as he can, but that also doesn’t mean with the changes you had hoped for yet. He is honest, and wants to be able to continue in your life being honest but that doesn’t mean much will have changed as far as i can see when i look at you in the near future. Love adena


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