Sunday Reading November 16 th

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Question. Will my ex, J and I will start to be in a committed relationship again in early 2015?

Hi, N,
The first thing I did was look at J to see what he was feeling. It was one of those readings that happen only once in a while. This is someone that loves you, and wants this relationship. I see the issues being money, and I also believe there are family problems that interfere as well. He is definitely torn regarding commitment, and not everyone is on the same page. There is something you may be holding on to in a material ( physical) sense that isn’t as important as you might think. But these are small, I think whatever tore you apart can’t stand in the way of the love I see you both have for each other. I see you both feeling that the other person is who you want to spend your life with. I see this relationship as very committed . I didn’t ask for a time frame, I just asked what was coming up for you both, keeping in mind your early 2015, and that was what I received. Certain readings will be like this from the beginning, immediately, and stay this way because they are just meant to be. I think this is one of them. Love Adena


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