sunday readings April 6

Hi Everyone ! It’s absolutely beautiful here today! I may decide to go back to doing readings the way i always used to. Post them here. Today i did a private reading for someone via email. It was too personal to post here. The whole idea for the free reading was hopefully someone reading it would be able to identify with something i was saying, and if i am doing a phone call, or a private email, it isn’t helping anyone else.
So please send in your one question readings and we will pick up exactly where we have always been.
Also, questions posted to my Facebook page ask Adena the mainline medium will not be answered. I only answer questions here on my site. have a wonderful week. love Adena


2 Responses to “ sunday readings April 6 ”

  1. Trisha Provinge says:

    HI ,

    Ok My one question is how is my brother doing who passed away a on july 25th 2012, his name is Gannon Jade Coon. His birthday is 10/26/1979

    Thank you


    • Adena says:

      Hi Trisha, i see him standing by a stream, his back toward me. He turns with a shy, sly smile . I have no idea what fly fishing is, or if you do that by a stream, but i think that’s what hes doing. I actually felt the cool water on my arm. He has this tender , small cute smile. He will barely let you see it before he turns back to the water again. He is fine. I heard He’s Living La vida Loca . I don’t know where that came from, Him? but that’s what came to me. He said his throat doesn’t hurt anymore. He is okay. I hope that helped, love adena

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